• Premium Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 4.4oz Thailand Award Winner Tropical Green

      Rated 4.97 out of 5
      $50.00 $24.99
      • NEW THAILAND Premium Culinary Grade Organic Matcha Featured in CBS, FOX, ABC and NBC News. Easily Mixed in Cold Water, Vibrant Green Colors and Tropically Grassy Flavours ::: ALSO BOOST YOUR METABOLISM. Enzo 100% Organic Matcha Green Tea contains polyphenol EGCG, a well-known formula to increase metabolism and helps you to burn fat faster. Comes in retort Bag with ZIP Top RE-SEABLE, great for long-term storage. SAVE TIME on QUEUING UP at Cafe Houses for Green Tea Lattes.
      • A POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT & NATURAL DETOXIFIER. Matcha Green Tea is a great source of catechin polyphenols. It is a well-known antioxidant to protect human body from cardiovascular diseases and great for skin health to make us young and beautiful. Matcha until brewed green tea is high in chlorophyll, which great for skin health, detoxifies your body and remove toxins.
      • MOOD AND MEMORY ENHANCER. Our organic matcha green tea contains high amount of amino acid L-theanine. Matcha is the perfect choice to help you relax your mind and improve the focus. Matcha Tea equally lifts up your energy level and promote better concentration.
      • ALL DAY ENERGY WITH UNMATCHED TASTE. Unlike coffee shots of energy, Matcha Green Tea slowly and steadily releases its energy. Matcha is a perfect source of All-Day Energy with enriched vitamins and nutrients. Matcha smells fresh and taste 2x of conventional green tea.
      • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE + PAY IT FORWARD. Enzo Matcha mission is improve the worlds appetite for charity. To do so we are giving back 10% on profit made to fight EBOLA pandemic around the world. Let Us Start Paying It Forward Together! Buy 2 for FREE Shipping!
      • FREE SHIPPING ::: Buy 1 for 5-7 Days Shipping, 2 for 2 Days Shipping, 3 for 1 Day Shipping. Can Bundle with Stevia / Matcha  – (Buy on amazon for free 2 days shipping with amazon prime)

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    • Matcha Green Tea Powder USDA Certified Maccha Classic Traditional Ceremonial (4oz) 113g

      Rated 4.85 out of 5
      $40.00 $24.95
      • PREMIUM MATCHA :: Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan high grade organic tea made from pure naturally sweet blend of green tea picked and extracted mid-morning by farmers packet into bags and stone-grinded into powder. You’ll love it, it’s as good as the traditional Uji Kyoto Japan matcha. And some say it makes better than Starbucks teavana with vibrant emerald green color and dark roasted toasty tea taste it’s amazing with coconut milk added, no whisk required :: Stir in Hot Water to Drink
      • A CUP OF ENZO MATCHA :: Burns fat faster any brewed tea, it’s great as a snack treat, gives you energy that last longer than coffee, without any jitters and crashes. Saves you time & helping you to focus on your task at hand.
      • VEGAN SUPER FOOD :: Multiple purpose easy to use matcha not only helps you lose weight but taste amazing. You could make a quick cup of hot tea, smoothie, latte, herbal ice tea or bake a cake, brownies, or even make delicious icecreams with some Japanese geen te kitkat.
      • POWERHOUSE OF ANTIOXIDANT :: 7 Times More Antioxidants than Dark Chocolate Matcha destroys the free radicals which helps with productivity. It also reliefs stress level, helping you to stay alert, calm and focus which means you get more faster, which means more time to spend with your friends & family doing the things you love.
      • PERFECT DETOX & IMMUNE BOOSTER :: Detoxifies your body while aiding your immune system. It also Increases metabolism, body’s natural fat burning rate, all over 30%. Helping you lose the bad fat and lowers cholesterol & blood sugar level. A Daily Dose of Matcha, Relieves Stress Naturally, helps prevent diseases, improves skin health and keeps the doctor away.
      • 100% MONEY BACK GARAUTNEE :: Satisfaction or Full Refund
      • FREE Shipping shipped to you buy amazon free standard 5-7 days shipping! Buy 2 For 2 Days Shipping! Buy 3 For 1 free bag and 1 Day Shipping!

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