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Enzo Organic Matcha Green Tea
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Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder (4oz)

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10 customer reviews

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  • ALSO BOOST YOUR METABOLISM. Enzo 100% organic Matcha Green Tea contains polyphenol EGCG, a well-known formula to increase metabolism and helps you to burn fat faster. Comes in retort Bag with ZIP Top RE-SEABLE, great for long-term storage. SAVE TIME on QUEUING UP at Cafe Houses for Green Tea Lattes.
  • A POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT & NATURAL DETOXIFIER. Matcha Green Tea is a great source of catechin polyphenols. It is a well-known antioxidant to protect human body from cancers, cardiovascular diseases and great for skin health to make us young and beautiful. Also Matcha is high in chlorophyll, which detoxifies your body and remove all toxins.
  • MOOD AND MEMORY ENHANCER. Enzo 100% organic matcha green tea contains high amount of amino acid L-theanine. It is a perfect tool to relax your mind and improve the focus. Eventually, it lifts up your energy level and promote better concentration.
  • ALL DAY ENERGY WITH UNMATCHED TASTE. Unlike coffee shots of energy, Matcha slowly and steadily releases its energy. Matcha is a perfect source of All-Day Energy with enriched vitamins and nutrients. It smells fresh and taste 2x of conventional green tea.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE + PAY IT FORWARD. Enzo Matcha’s mission is improve the worlds appetite for charity. To do so we are giving back 10% on profit made to fight EBOLA pandemic around the world. Let Us Start Paying It Forward Together! Buy 2 for FREE Shipping!

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Unlike drinking brewed green tea, you drink the whole leaf plus the taste is twice as much as regular brewed green tea. With a tea spoon mixed in vanilla ice-cream you make your own Green Tea Ice-cream. Matcha is a GREAT afternoon drink to keep your stomach full helping you to stop cravings snack!

Named Trendiest Ingredient of 2015 by – CBS News, the Huffington Post, and the Kitchn – Get on the ‘Matcha Madness’ – Yahoo – Hollywood Celebrities are already


• SUSTAINABLE ENERGY AND FOCUS Unlike coffee shots of energy, Matcha Green Tea slowly and steadily releases its energy acting as both relaxant and stimulant.

• ENHANCE METABOLISM Green Tea powder, Matcha, increases the body’s own rate of burning calories from average of 9% to 35% and up to 43%.

• 7X MORE ANTIOXIDANTS THAN DARK CHOCOLATE According to health professions high level of antioxidants diets can prevent age-related diseases, keeps your fit and you rejuvenate your body.

• REJUVENATE YOUR SKIN Improves oxygen level which facilitates blood flow lifting overall skin quality. High chlorophyll content organic matcha is a great for your skin

• HIGH IN FIBER AND HELPS DETOX Fiber helps the body stabilize blood sugar it also fills you up and keep improve your digestive health.

• $7 RECIPE eBOOK FREE after purchase. Over 20 drink recipes, including secret to make Starbucks delicious Matcha Green Tea Latte, will be emailed to you.

• 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE Yes, you heard it right. Not happy with our product, just return the package and we will refund your money back 100% no-questions asked. So whats to lose?

Organic, Lead Free

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Articles on Matcha: Why you should drink Matcha Green Tea instead of Brewed Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea World

4oz, 8.8oz


USDA Organic
Ceres Organic Certification (authorized Laboratory for JAS matcha
EcoCert (Europe Standard)

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4oz & 8.8oz

10 reviews for Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder (4oz)

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    This is my first time trying tea in a powder form, and I was a bit nervous when I purchased it ( I squawked at the price) but a friend of mine swore that it was absolutely wonderful, and also helped her drop a few pounds. I decided to start drinking matcha green tea after reading an article that outlined the positive effects of drinking it. Because of its specialty formula, matcha is a very specific kind of tea with completely different benefits than regular green tea. As it is a bit bitter, I add All Natural Stevia Powder - No fillers, Additives or Artificial Ingredients of Any Kind - Highly Concentrated Stevia Extract Sugar Substitute (225g) which makes me feel a bit healthier and less sluggish than white sugar does. The stevia is great because I use just a tiny drop and that is more than enough for a cup of it. The taste is really clean, and not too bitter, and I think it’s been helping me shed a few pounds. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a delicious matcha.
  2. 5 out of 5


    For those that don't know Match tea is the ground white leaf, green tea. Thus it is very shall we say potent. There are grades all over the place along with prices to match. You want an organic, and accept nothing less. While at this price you won't get the imperial or ceremonial Matcha it is still a very nice tea. If you put too much it will be bitter. The more refined Matcha (think more money) will have a smoother less bitter taste. For my drinking I like this tea with a tad of honey to smooth out the rough edges of the tea. I don't like the bitterness of some greens like the gunpowder variety, but I like this tea. This organic is very likable. Tea snobs will bark about its strong flavor if mixed in high amounts. I tend to mix this a little weaker, not much but some. Just mix to your taste buds and life will be good. Mix too much and life will be bitter. It took me some time to get the amounts right.
  3. 5 out of 5


    I love drinking Matcha green tea because it has high amount of antioxidants. It also taste good specially the good quality one. I don't consider myself an expert in matcha green tea but I tried a lot of brands so far. You need to know its not always easy to find the best Matcha and comparing brands side by side will give you better idea. some tips you need to know 1- the origin, grades and which part of plants matcha comes from, color, taste and finally how to prepare each grade matcha. There Isn’t any formal or universal grading system for matcha but will list the most common two grades I found. - Ceremonial grade: Made from shade-grown green tea leaves harvested and then stone-ground to a very fine powder. Good for drinking straight and taste really good. - Ingredient/ culinary/ kitchen grade matcha which is best when used in recipes for matcha lattes, smoothies, shakes, ice cream, baking, etc. the taste is more strong and maybe bitter to maintain its aroma and flavor when mixed with other ingredients. You can also consume as a brewed drink with more bitterness than the ceremonial grade matcha if you are ok with that. now for this brand "Enzo MATCHA Green Tea Powder" . Here what I found: - The color of this Matcha green tea is brighter green compared to other culinary grades I have tried. It is actually the best green color among three culinary grades I tried so far. - The taste is still bitter but less compare to others. I tried drinking straight and the taste is bitter and that normal for this grade! I prefer the Ceremonial grade for cup of matcha. - Powder: fine green powder. - I tried it for smoothies, and baking and the results are great this one stays on the top of my culinary grade brands and really recommend it I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. If you have any question please leave it in comment section and I will try my best to answer it. Thanks
  4. 5 out of 5


    I am officially a matcha addict! Where do I start, okay I am obsessed with coffee, and I used to drink 4-5 cups a day sometimes more, I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and cut out all that sugar. So the first day I got to try my matcha I opened up the E-Book the company sent me with tons of delicious recipes and I picked the Starbucks Green tea frappe since it is the one and only thing I went to Starbucks for. Making it and prep time took about 5 minutes and it tasted identical to the one I get from Starbucks so needless to say I was super excited to try more. I also made a Green tea smoothie but instead of vanilla ice cream like the recipe calls for I used strawberry because it was all I had and it was amazing! I drink the banana green tea smoothie every morning and it gives me so much energy. THIS MATCHA ERASED MY NEED FOR COFFEE WHICH IS HUGE! I HAVEN'T DRANK A CUP OF COFFEE IN THE 5 DAYS I HAVE BEEN USING THIS! Overall, I am obsessed, the taste is amazing, all the recipes are super easy to make it literally takes 10 minutes MAX! Which is longer than making coffee and waiting for it to brew. It comes with two E-Books for all the drinks and one for the foods and deserts you can make! It fills you up with antioxidants and energy and makes you feel light and good all day. I love it! I received this product free in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. p.s. the bag may seem small but each drink only calls for 1/2-1 tsp. of powder so this will last you a LONG TIME. And it is only 3 calories/ cup I mean can it get better?
  5. 5 out of 5


    This is incredible pure and organic matcha. I think buying organic is a must for most products but especially for matcha. I make a lot of green smoothies and copycat drinks from a coffee house I love. This a good pure product that smells amazing and taste even better. I am so happy with this purchase! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good high quality product.
  6. 5 out of 5


    I have been trying to break my addiction to not only coffee—but most importantly the sugary & fatty flavored coffee drinks and a friend recommended that I try matcha powdered tea. I have always liked Green Tea, but would always opt for a coffee drink vs. Green tea. That was until I tried matcha powder! Enzo's Matcha Green Tea Powder has a very strong green tea flavor, which I love. This is because matcha is whole processed green tea leaves that have been stone-ground into a delicate powder. (vs. brewed green tea where the leaves are steeped in hot water). Matcha powder also slowly releases the energy giving me an all-day boost. I have only tried the powder mixed in water, but I am looking forward to trying all the recipes provided—especially the ice cream! Enzo's matcha tea comes in a resealable bag, which I find is very convenient and assures me that it will stay fresh. Enzo’s business mission is also great. They only sell 100% organic matcha and they give back 10% to fight Ebola pandemic around the world. I love supporting charitable companies. I did receive this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. If you’re not familiar with Matcha tea, it has the same benefits of Green Tea, but significantly amplied. Here are some of Matcha tea’s health benefits: - Contains polyphenol EGCG, a well-known formula to increase metabolism and helps you to burn fat faster - Great source of catechin polyphenols. It is a well-known antioxidant to protect human body from cancers, cardiovascular diseases and great for skin health to make us young and beautiful. - High in chlorophyll, which detoxifies your body and remove all toxins. - Contains high amount of amino acid L-theanine. It is a perfect tool to relax your mind and improve the focus. Eventually, it lifts up your energy level and promote better concentration.
  7. 5 out of 5


    I have been wanting to purchase some matcha powder for a while now, as I tried a match latte and loved it. I purchased the tea when I was offered a discounted rate for a review. This was good with Unsweetened Almond Milk in a latte. I am looking forward to adding this to smoothies and to trying more of the recipes in the recipe book. The powder has a fresh, earthy flavor and smell.
  8. 5 out of 5


    First off I am an avid green tea drinker so when I read about matcha tea having even greater benefits I jump at the opportunity to try it out. So for starters i don't know why but hot matcha tea does not appeal to me so I decided to try a variety of smoothies and they taste great. The more matcha the stronger the matcha flavor. The flavor is an acquired taste at least to me, if you never tried it start with one teaspoon or less and add more as your tolerance increases. This Organic Matcha tea comes in a standup resealable foil pouch to lock in the flavor which it obviously does. Bright green fine powered matcha tea. What more can I say matcha tea has great benefits so even if you don't get around to the flavor at least enjoy the benefits. I received this product in exchange for my honest review, opinions are my own.
  9. 5 out of 5


    Great product and wonderful taste. Me and my husband add it to everything. We bake regularly with it, as far as, pancakes and sugar cookies. We love the health benefits of this organic matcha and it's great in a smoothie first thing in the morning. Who needs coffee anymore?! I received this product for an unbiased review on my blog #simplysamples on blogspot. I also posted some recipes there. Enzo's organic matcha is a great product!
  10. 5 out of 5


    Enzo Organic Green Tea Powder can be used a variety of ways. You can make smoothies, bake sweets, and even drink it plain. I like drinking green tea in its natural form. The taste is very earthy, but it is not over powering if your use a little at a time (a tea spoon of matcha goes a long way). The package is resealable and will keep all of the contents contained. If you are looking for a new tea to try, I would recommend giving Enzo Green Tea Powder a try. (I received this product free for testing purposes but my opinions are my own).

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