Did you know that Matcha Green Tea is the tea that is used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony?

The leaves are normally ground down into a fine powder for the actual tea making, but it is also regularly used in today’s food industry as flavoring or coloring.

If you want a top quality Matcha Green Tea look out for a named tea. The best Matcha Green Teas are called by “tea names” or “chamei” as they are called in Japan. A tea can only be named like this if it blended by a master blender of a certain tradition from the tea ceremony lineage. However, these “named” teas are certain to be of high quality and the best flavors!

It’s been well documented that green tea is good for you and that is widely accepted now. But, what makes Matcha so different? The answer is that it is now thought to be one of the most powerful anti-oxidants available. Anti-oxidants are vital to your health as they eliminate “free radicals” from your body (and do it very effectively). It is these free radicals (so prevalent due to our polluted environment) that cause premature aging and cellular damage which elads to all sorts of nasty disease.

And the prime reason Matcha is so widely sought after is that is now thought to be ten times more effective as an anti-oxidant than it’s nearest rivals (blueberries and spinach). A method called ORAC (a measure of oxygen absorbency and the consequent effectiveness of anti-oxidants) gave Matcha a rating of 1,300. Blueberries came in at 91 and pomegranate at 115, and these were previously supposed to be our most potent anti-oxidants. So now you can begin to see why it is thought that Matcha is so powerful.

That is a powerful endorsement of the anti-oxidant and therefore health giving properties of Matcha Green Tea.

There is another benefit with this great tea as well. It also has a very high nutritional value, so double benefits for your health! But…you should know why you need anti-oxidants in your diet.

For men, it is well known that pomegranates and blueberries promote good sexual health in terms of not only sexual stamina but also semen production.

And for the gentler sex, anti-oxidants are now accepted to play a vital role in helping maintain a youthful look and general vitality. But…Matcha also has another trick up it’s sleeve. It also has incredibly high levels of chlorophyll. If you remember back to your school biology, this is what allows plants to process light into food and it is also what gives Matcha it’s beautiful green color.

The most potent anti-oxidants are called catechins…and these are only found in green tea! Not all anti-oxidants have the same level of effect on the human body. With catechins being so strong it is generally believed that they have the most potent anti-cancer properties of all anti-oxidants. Of all catechins epicgallocatechin gallate (ECGc) is the most effective, and 60% of all catechins in Matcha Green Tea are ECGcs.

This is why Matcha Green Tea is such an important find!

Matcha Green Tea has one final health trick to offer, an amino acid called L-theanine. It’s first use can be traced back to Buddist Monks who apparently used the Green Tea to help promote the calmness needed for deep meditation. More recently clinical style studies have showed that the amino acid combined with the small amount of caffeine can promote an alert calmness that can be maintained for a lengthy period of time. It is also thought the amino acid helps give Matcha it’s creamy taste and rich feel in the mouth.

To conclude Matcha Green Tea is without doubt a very powerful anti-oxidant. It can therefore have a similarly powerful effect in detox and maintenance of a healthy body. It does this by not only free radical elimination and general body detox as well.

Regular use will definitely benefit your health as well as help protect you against many modern ailments. I can’t recommend this amazing natural tea highly enough. Include in your diet on a daily basis and I’ve no doubt you will look and feel better! Enjoy.

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