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Year's Worth of Enzo Matcha Giveaway Want to a year's worth of Enzo Organic Matcha? We would like to say THANK YOU for entering our 12 Matcha Bags giveaway contest. Below are some of the details to make sure you give yourself the best possible chance to win this trip for your family!  Our winner for the 12 4oz Bags of Enzo Organic Matcha ...

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FROM Yo.urenzo.com Yo.urenzo.com Giveaway OFFICIAL RULES NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. MAKING A PURCHASE WILL NOT IMPROVE ENTRANT’S ODDS OF WINNING. SUBJECT TO ALL FEDERAL, STATE, LOCAL AND PROVINCIAL LAWS, REGULATIONS, AND ORDINANCES. Yo.urenzo.com gives away a three (3) day vacation. Entrance for the giveaway begins at 12:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time (“PDT”) the first day of the …

Matcha Ceremony


Matcha has been drunk in Japan for over 800 years. Matcha is made from the dried leaves of the tea plant. But, matcha is different from other teas. Matcha is made by grinding the tea leaves into a fine powder. Other teas are the distillation of tea essence from the leaves, leaving the leaves in the teapot unused. Matcha uses …

Manners at Shinto shrines

Try to avoid walking in the center of the Sando way. We Japanese believe the center of the way is for the kami-sama (god). However, it is not a must for you to do. Actually, I never minded myself until now. Before leaving, turn to main building and make a bow again.

My Matcha Experience

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