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Matcha Green Tea Powder

Tea is the most favorable drink that is liked by all people.  In this tea there are different brand are available which will show difference in taste. Among those one type is “Matcha tea “. For most of the people this matcha tea is new one. This matcha tea is originated in Japan and this is the powdered tea of Japanese people.

This matcha is expensive because of its benefits. This tea has a medical value and is preferred by many doctors and scientist for the people who are obese.


This EGCG is an antioxidant that is used to burn the fat that is present in the body .Though there are many ingredients present, this EGCG is a powerful tool for reducing the body weight.

At first they thought that this EGCG is used to burn the fat later on research they conformed that this is one of the main fat burner rather that water and tea. Thus tea is used to reduce the insulin production in the body since insulin will increase the glucose in blood which result in fat storage in body .Not only the this tea is used to burn the fat but also body metabolism is regulated by this tea  since it is used to burn the calories .

To have good health and to reduce the fat content, now people are preferring green tea.

Benefits in matcha tea:

The people who are drinking this tea daily will have good resistance power  against the disease .The disease that are affecting brain like multiple sclerosis , Alzheimer are reduced after using this tea since this tea has the powerful disease resistance . Not only the disease resistance but also the main benefit is it helps to protect the people from heart disease, cancer also.

Don’t think that green tea contains only EGCG which is healing ingredient.  Caffeine and amino acids are also present. The amino acid that is present in this tea is thiamine. This acid is used to get from stress and any mental depression that the person has. And moreover this thiamine protects the body to get affected by any infection.

This matcha tea powder is not only used in teas but also can be used in ice cream, salad and whatever method the people like. Therefore this matcha green tea is the best tea.

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