How to detox your body with matcha

Are you tired of classic ineffective detox methods? Let’s face it,dealing with not so tasty combinations of ingredients contained in organic cleansers or worrying about side-effects of artificial weight-loss supplements is no fun. Funnily enough, many people forget that they can get rid of toxins in their body simply by drinking tea…

Thanks to its strong anti-oxidative properties and a high number of nutrients, matcha tea is a force to be reckoned with. It contains catechin, a flavonoid and  antioxidant that removes harmful free radicals and prevents diseases.

Also, thanks to being produced from a whole green tea leaf, matcha provides the body with an essential supply of chlorophyll which is key for the detox processes. When this substance enters your digestive system it attaches itself to toxic heavy metals and removes them out of the as it is being digested.

Drinking matcha also helps to keep the levels of the LDL cholesterol low and prevents it from accumulating inside veins. As a result, it protects you from complications such as chest pain and heart attack.

Another important nutrient that can be found in all green teas but match in particular, is L-theanine. This amino-acid has an impact on neurological system and can make a difference in treatment of anxiety, high blood pressure and even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Also, it is used to improve effectiveness of drugs used to treat cancer.

All in all, whether you want to improve your wellbeing or get your energy levels up after a challenging day, adding matcha into your detox plan can definitely make a difference.

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