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    Professor H
    For those that don’t know Match tea is the ground white leaf, green tea. Thus it is very shall we say potent. There are grades all over the place along with prices to match. You want an organic, and accept nothing less. While at this price you won’t get the imperial or ceremonial Matcha it is still a very nice tea. If you put too much it will be bitter. The more refined Matcha (think more money) will have a smoother less bitter taste.

    Professor H

    Amazon's Top 50 reviewer 5/5 Stars on September 27, 2015
    Richard Smart
    I’m excited to tell you about this Travel Memory Foam Neck Pillow by Enzo; it’s unique design offers lower neck support and is ideal for use at home, on a plane, at the office or in a car. I used the Enzo’s travel pillow several times this month while in the car and it was great.

    Richard Smart

    5/5 Stars on January 9, 2016
    Jenny Frank
    As a 911 dispatcher, I work very long 12-hour night shifts. We set at large consoles which have 7 computer monitors that surround us. I’m always having neck issues from looking up at the monitors for 12 hours at a time. Since I’ve started using this pillow at work, my neck pain hasn’t been near as bad. It’s truly been life-changing and I use it all the time at work. It looks just as good as it did the day I received it. If you’re looking for a pillow to use on a plane, for road trips, or just for something that will help you relax, this is an outstanding choice.

    Jenny Frank

    Amazon's Top 1000 reviewer - 5/5 Stars on January 8, 2016
    Great space savers! I love these lunch box food containers. I honestly use them for everything for my husbands lunch, to store left overs, for my diet meals they are great! Good quality very durable and easy to clean. They are microwave safe and they don’t get all mushy and ugly like others.


    5/5 Stars on January 18, 2016
    Google+ Publisher