9 Benefits of Matcha You Never Thought of

Health Benefits of Matcha

As of late, Matcha has been showing up everywhere. In skincare products, all type of recipes, and in places that you might never have thought of before. Many of us commonly know Matcha when referring to Green Tea Latte, these Matcha tea provides fantastic benefits to the body and mind aside from it being just a warm and tasty drink. The reason why Matcha is gaining such popularity as of late is because of all of it’s amazing benefits. People from all over the world have long known the remarkable benefits of Matcha, and the Western world is thankfully now catching on to the brilliance that is Matcha. Here are 9 benefits of Matcha that you probably never thought of before.

  1. Fat Burner – Incredible as it may seem, Matcha is an all-natural fat burner. It actually helps the body to burn calories and fat and works to support weight loss in those that drink it regularly. Studies actually show that people who drink Matcha green tea before a workout actually lose more fat during their workout than if they drank nothing at all. Click Here learn more about matcha burning fat: http://yo.urenzo.com/how-does-matcha-burn-fat-and-why-is-it-better-than-other-alternatives/
  2. Energy Booster Matcha has remarkable properties that actually boost energy levels tremendously without any jitters or unnatural properties. And, because Matcha is not coffee, this natural energy boost will not lead to an energy crash later on or worse, those dreaded headaches. Click Here to Read More about Matcha Vs Coffee
  3. Helps with Concentration and Focus – Not only does Matcha taste great, but it also helps to increase concentration and focus and even helps to ease the mind leading to some much needed relaxation benefits. This is due to the amino acid L-theanine that is present throughout the green tea leaves.
  4. Increases Metabolism – If being a fat burner and supporting weight loss is not reason enough to drink Matcha, it has also been shown to increase metabolism immensely which helps the body to retain a healthy body-fat ratio.
  5. Lowers Cholesterol – For those that are struggling with high cholesterol levels, Matcha is a dream because it actually lowers cholesterol levels completely naturally. No need for medication, just drink Matcha green tea and watch cholesterol levels drastically fall.
  6. Acts as a natural Detoxifier – Need to detoxify your body? Try Matcha. The chlorophyll inherently present in Matcha is what detoxifies the body leading to a healthier body and mind. Click Here to Read more about why Matcha is Detox King
  7. Anti-aging – Matcha has been shown time and time again to actually help with anti-aging because it reduces inflammation and oxidation in the skin. Ever wonder why those that drink Matcha look like they are glowing, it’s because they are.
  8. Stabilize Blood Sugar – What makes Matcha green tea leaves even more wonderful is that they help to stabilize blood sugar levels in the body. This is due to the increased amount of dietary fiber found in the Matcha.
  9. Prevents Cancer – Now this is an important one, Matcha has actually been shown to prevent cancer! Research shows that the antioxidants catechins, which are found in Matcha, are anti-carcinogenic, leading to cancer prevention. Click Here to Learn more about What are Catechins here: http://yo.urenzo.com/all-about-catechins-catechins-for-dummy-catechins-101/
  10. Strengthens Teeth – Matcha has been shown to help with the oral health of the body. The antibacterial properties in the green tea leaves have been shown to help stave off gum disease, cavities, and even bad breath! Now, what could be better than that…
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