Top 10 Matcha Cafe in New York City

1. Ippodo
You can only get their drinks to go, but it’s worth a visit since they have multiple grades and types of authentic Japanese matcha beverages.

2. Bibble & Sip
This Midtown West cafe puts a twist on a matcha latte by adding in jasmine syrup (made in-house) with their signature Matcha Jasmine Latte. Not overly sweet, it makes for an excellent tea break especially with their tasty matcha cream puff.

3. Chalait
A recently opened cafe in the West Village that specializes in matcha-based drinks. All their matcha drinks are Instagram worthy.

4. Hi-Collar
The matcha au lait isn’t on the menu, but you can request it, although there’s no guarantee they’ll make it for you since it all depends on who’s behind the counter.

5. Cha-An
This Japanese tea house in the East Village makes the best matcha latte (which is really an au lait since the milk isn’t steamed). At $7.50, it’s also the most expensive but you can really taste the high-grade matcha, As a surprise, stir the sweet red beans at the bottom to sweeten the beverage.

6. Cup & Cup
Located in Midtown East, Cup & Cup makes a pretty matcha latte. Their version is sweeter, but not cloyingly so.

7. Rose Bakery
Their matcha cappuccino isn’t on the menu, but you can request it. It was pretty good, until I got to the bottom and there were some clumps of matcha bits. Double up on the matcha with a slice of their matcha cake.

8. Takahachi Bakery
A very good matcha latte can be found at this Tribeca Japanese bakery. I especially love theirs iced in the summer.

9. Matcha Cafe Wabi
Made with a heavy cream base (!), the matcha latte here is excellent. Creamy and full-bodied, it’s pretty darn tasty.

10. Grace Street
Like the matcha latte at Cup & Cup, Grace Street’s Matcha Honey Latte is fairly sweet, but not overly so, unlike the other matcha beverages found on 32nd street in Koreatown.

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