Cooking Accessories for Creating a Quick Meal

With today’s busy lifestyle, it is hard to find the time to cook healthy foods and serve them to your family. Long gone are the days when mom was home with all day to prepare dinner. If your days are a rush of work and commuting, you may think that there is not any time to cook tasty, appealing meals for yourself and your family. There are products that can make this possible. Look at some of the cooking accessories that were designed to help you create quick, healthy, and flavorful meals.

You do not have to resort to canned and frozen convenience meals to serve up a healthy, tasty plateful of spaghetti carbonara. All you need is the Pasta ‘n’ cooking set. The revolutionary design of the Pasta ‘n’ More lets you cook spaghetti, linguine, and other pasta in the microwave in about half the time that it takes to cook it on the stovetop. The Pasta ‘n’ More set also includes a steamer so that you can quickly steam fresh vegetables to go with dinner, or prepare fish that is tender and flaky. The clever design even incorporates a measuring tool in the handles of the microwaveable pasta pot so that you can measure out exactly the number of servings that you need. The five-piece set includes the pasta pot, straining lid, expander ring and storage lid. You even get a recipe book to help you plan healthy meals for your whole family.

If you are looking for a quick way to cook a meal for your family, you should consider the GT Xpress 101. The GT Xpress 101 is a two-sided grill that cooks your food from both sides at the same time. It is ideal for making sandwich pockets in minutes, or for grilling meats and fish. Two deep pockets hold your ingredients in individual wells, and the unique design cooks and seals sandwiches at the same time.

Another grill substitute is the Sunbeam 4-in-1 Electric Grill, which combines a grill, griddle, waffle iron, and sandwich maker into one handy cooking accessory. You can use the Sunbeam electric grill to sear and grill meats or fish. This grill is also perfect for making waffles, or creating your own nifty filled sandwiches. You can save both time and money when you leave the Hot Pockets on the shelf and pick up meats, vegetables, and cheese to create your own healthy alternatives with the Sunbeam 4-in1 or the GT Xpress 101 Grill.

Many nutritionists will tell you that steaming is the healthiest way to cook your vegetables, but who has the time or energy to mess with a steamer inset for your saucepan? The 3-Tier Steamer is the ideal solution. The 3-Tier Steamer is designed to let you steam a full meal for yourself or your family. The stackable steamer makes it easy and quick to make healthy meals with vegetables, rice, fish and more with just a few minutes of preparation. Even better, the juices from your food may drip into the collection pan so you can use it to make savory gravy to perk up your dishes.

Why heat up your kitchen and waste energy by using a full-size oven when there are so many great choices for countertop ovens out there? Today’s countertop ovens have come a very long way from the conventional toaster oven you remember from your mother’s kitchen. A countertop 3-in-1 oven can cook with three different power sources such as radiant heat, convection, and infrared, alone or in combination. You may be amazed at how quick and easy it is to cook in a countertop oven. Your food is also more flavorful when it is not subjected to the drying heat of a conventional gas or electric oven. The secret is that the foods cook from the inside out as well as searing the outside to keep the juices inside the food. With creative cooking techniques, you can cook anything you would cook in a conventional oven, but it can be finished and ready to eat much faster.

In addition to major cooking accessories that cut into your meal prep time, you should also benefit from having a few smaller products on hand. Here are some accessories for your kitchen that can cut down on your food preparation time.

– A boiled egg slicer can be used to cut perfect even slices in any soft food such as cheese, tomatoes, boiled eggs, and onions. It is so much easier and quicker than trying to cut with a dull knife.
– A food chopper lets you chop vegetables, meats, and herbs for your meals in seconds. Why use a bulky food processor when all you want to do is dice an onion or a carrot? All you need is a handy little spring-loaded tool to cut your chopping chores down to size.

Tiffany Jordan is a blogger and freelance writer who writes about cooking, baking and kitchen supplies, often discussing specific topics such as cooking accessories.

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